Hair Cut & Styling Services
Women's Haircut                                      $25+
Women's Dry Shape Up                          $15+
Men's Cut                                                   $20+
Bang Trim                                                   $8
Blow Dry & Style                                        $20+
Special Event Hair                                      $50       $150
Iron Work                                                    $10+
Color Bar Services
Single Color                                                 $55+
Color Retouch and Icing                            $45+
Creative Color                                             $135+
Full Foil and Toner                                      $95+
Partial Foil                                                    $70+
Platinum Card                                             $140+
Platinum Card Touch Up                           $50+
Color Shine/Toner                                      $25+
Additional Color Formulas - Additional color charge may apply when hair length and thickness requires more color for proper coverage.          $10
Color balancing- This is used to slightly lighten the hair to prepare it for color services.           $30+
Flash back- A quick and natural way for men to blend gray away.          $25
Olaplex- Insurance for your hair. Pushes the envelope further without compromising the integrity of the hair.          $30
Texture Services
Keratin Smoothing Treatment                    $150+
Keratin Express  Blowout                             $100+
Permanent Wave / Curl                                $75+
Chemical Relaxer                                           $75+
Lather Lounge Services
Marula Rare Oil Treatment                           $30+
Awaphui Kertriplex Treatment                     $20+
Deep Conditioning Treatment                      $15
Color Correction Services
Prices are quoted individually based on time, technique and product usage. For price quotes, a consultation service is recommended.
Cost of hair and price of application will be priced based on time and technique. Hair must be paid for in full before order. For accurate price quotes a consultation service is recommended. 
Bridal Hair & Makeup
Prices upon consultation. We offer on location Hair and Make-up.
Facial Waxing & Make-up
Eyebrow, Lip & Chin                   $25                       Details                             $30+
Cheeks                                          $10                       Just Eyes                         $20
Chin                                               $10                       Brow Tinting                  $10
Lip                                                  $10                       False Eyelashes             $10
                                                                                     Make-Up Tutorial          $15 per-hour