The LYKE Association

Benjamin founded the LYKE Association in 2018 to share their passion for hair. After all - looking good is feeling good! The purpose of the LYKE Association is to improve the well-being and dignity of people who are unhoused or living in poverty. The organization creates a unique opportunity for hairstylists and barbers to come together, using their talents to make a difference in people's lives. They host local hair stylists and barbers to provide free haircuts to homeless veterans, women, children and men in the nearby communities.

“Together, we can make an impact in people’s lives through compassion, community and caring service.” 

- Benjamin Kyle Brozman

Annual Fashion Shows

Benjamin Kyle Salon began to host an annual fashion show and uses that event to raise awareness with proceeds from ticket sales going to local causes.  They organize the event each year by partnering with local businesses and sponsors. Amazing live entertainment, remarkable performances, the finest apparel in fashion from Brevard’s local clothing stores and boutiques and show love and support for our community

Past events include:

2016 Space Coast Annual Hair & Fashion Show

2017 Space Coast Annual Hair & Fashion Show

View more information on the Annual Space Coast Fashion Show page on Facebook

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