Add Instant Length & Fullness with Human Hair Extensions at Benjamin Kyle Salon in Cocoa FL

They're more affordable than you might think!

Our Hair Extensions

More and more of our clients are asking about hair extensions. Some women want that instant length because they have trouble growing their hair past a certain point. Others are growing out a shorter style and want to jet past that awkward length stage. As long as your hair is 3-4 inches long, we can apply hair extensions. Other clients are more interested in fullness. We can apply fullness just around the face, all around the crown or to the top of the head.

Tape In Hair Extensions

before after tape in hair extensions Cocoa FLTape in hair extensions are most popular because they are versatile, natral looking, and they apply rather quickly. We can apply a full head of tape in extensions in around an hour. They are attached to your hair with a medical grade, water- tight adhesive which is hypoallergenic and stands up to routine washing. Tape in extensions are applied close to the scalp and because they lie flat, they look like your own hair.

Benefits of Tape In Extensions

  • Lightweight, even with extended lengths
  • Gentle application
  • Safe for thin or fragile hair
  • Express application makes these more affordable than keratin bond or sew in wefts (hand tied extensions.)

Tape in hair extensions come in a range of pre-colored shades. We can match your natural base color or order some of your extensions in a lighter shade to add highlights. 

Halo Couture Hair Extensions - The Original Hair on a Wire

We love these easy-in, easy out toppers. These single piece hair extensions pop right in, but don't confuse the simple application with mass market off-the-rack quality. Halo Couture Hair on a Wire is 100% Remy hair, single drawn for a tapered effect. Designed for daytime wear, you take them out before before swimming, bathing and before going to bed.

Halo Couture Extensions are not sold in stores. You can only find them at reputable hair salons. This assures that you get the right color and length for your style, and that any customization is done properly. With proper care, your halo extensions will last a long time. No in-salon maintenance or followup appointments are required.

Benefits of Halo Extensions

  • Instant hair when you want it
  • Works for any hair type
  • Temporary style, no commitment

halocouture hair on a wire hair extensions cocoa fl

Coming Soon: Hand Tied Weft Extensions

Check back for updates, but it's official. We are getting trained and certified so that we can offer our clients hand tied weft extensions which are applied using a sew in or natural beaded row application. They are super natural looking and ideal for those with medium to thick hair who crave extended lengths.

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