Hair Extensions at Benjamin Kyle Salon, Cocoa FL

Benjamin Kyle Salon now offers hair extensions, available in all the hottest styles and colors! We use Halo Couture, an innovative brand of human hair extensions designed for comfort and looks.

  • Single piece halo style extensions
  • Clip in Bangs!
  • Tape In Extensions
  • Sew In Weft Extensions

You can only purchase these hair extensions from a certified salon. This assures that you get the right color, size and density, and that any further cut/color customization work is done correctly. You're going to LOVE Halo Couture Extensions!

We can cut and style your new hair to blend in perfectly with your style. Feel free to schedule a free consultation to discuss what hair extensions can do for you.

halo couture bangs

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Halo Couture Single Piece Extensions

We get a lot of requests for temporary hair extensions for weddings and special events. If you have a special occasion coming up, why not turn heads with a new look. These Halo extensions are awesome for adding length and fullness to pump up any formal hairstyle or half updo.

  • Instant hair anyone can wear
  • Lengths up to 24 inches
  • Temporary style, no commitment
  • No in salon maintenance required

We love these easy-in, easy out styles and because you decide when you want to wear them, you'll love them too! These single piece hair extensions pop right in, but don't confuse the simple application with mass market quality. Halo Couture is the original Hair on a Wire, made of 100% Remy hair, single drawn for a tapered effect.

Designed for temporary wear each day, you take them out before before swimming, bathing and before going to bed. With proper care, your halo extensions will last a long time.

Original halo hair extensions cocoa fl

Original Halo

Headband style hair extension that sits around the crown.

12” | 16” | 20” | 24”

30 pre-colored shades, even balayage halos!

layered halo hair extensions cocoa fl

Layered Halo

Designed with 2-3 gradual layers, great for transforming shorter styles.

14” | 18” | 22”

30 pre-colored shades, even balayage halos!

The Fall hair extensions cocoa fl

The Fall

Single hand-tied, breathable weft secured to top of head with tiny clips.

14” | 16” | 18”

30 pre-colored shades, even balayage pieces!

Tape In Hair Extensions by Halo Couture

Tape in hair extensions are wildly popular because of their express application. We can install a full head of tape in extensions in around an hour. They are attached to your hair with a non-slip adhesive which stands up to routine washing. Tape in extensions are applied close to the scalp and lie flat for a natural look. They'll need to be moved-up every 6-8 weeks.

Benefits of Tape In Extensions

  • Lightweight, even with extended lengths
  • Gentle on the hair, ideal for thin or fragile hair
  • Express application makes these more affordable than sew in wefts

12” | 16” | 20”

Tape in hair extensions come in a range of pre-colored shades. We can match your natural base color or order some of your extensions in a lighter shade to add highlights. 

39 pre-colored shades, including natural, balayage and rooted looks

halo couture extensions coco fl

Weft Extensions/Sew in Wefts by Halo Couture

Weft extensions are secured to a row of non-slip, silicone beads. Once sewn onto the base they are virtually undetectable. Hair comes in hand-finished and machine finished wefts. Hand finished (or hand tied) wefts strong and thin, making them ideal for fine to medium density hair.  Machine finished wefts can pack more hair while still being lightweight, making them an ideal match for hair with higher density. They'll need to be moved-up every 4-6 weeks, alternating between a quick bump up and a complete replacement of beads and thread.

Benefits of Weft Extensions

  • Discreet and durable bonds
  • Ideal for an active lifestyle
  • Adaptable for medium to high density hair

16" | 20"

39 pre-colored shades, including natural, balayage and rooted looks

halo couture sew in weft extensions cocoa fl

Start with a Free Consultation

Discover what Halo Hair Extensions can do for you! More and more women throughout Brevard County are asking about hair extensions. Some women want that instant length because they growing out their hair or don't like their short haircut. Others are more interested in fullness or coverage for sparse areas.

With Halo Couture hair extensions, we can customize a solution just for you. We can match you with the best type of hair extensions, or we can combine different types. Even fine hair or thinning hair can wear hair extensions. We can add youthful volume around the face with tape ins and add The Fall for cascading coverage from the top of the head. If you have short hair or a layered style, you can wear hair extensions too! As long as your hair is at least 4 inches long, we can attach hair extensions. 

Start with a free hair extensions consultation for an exact quote. Every service is different.

New Hair Extensions...Now What?

How to take care of your hair at home and when to return to the salon for maintenance.

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