Everyone is entitled to self love.

Self care is self love, and a basic human necessity that correlates to happiness, confidence, and an overall sense of security. The simple act of a haircut or a shave can make the world of difference for someone who struggles to feed their family or keep a roof over their head.

The LYKE Association exists to bring essential grooming services to people in need. We bring together compassionate hair stylists and barbers to volunteer their services, providing free haircuts to homeless and low-income individuals in our local communities.

It's more than just a haircut.

Hair style can influence one's first impression. More importantly, it can influence how people see themselves. For people unable to afford a haircut, unkempt hair can become a symbol of loss or marginalization. This makes grooming, like clean clothing and bathing, critical for rebuilding self-esteem.

For those we serve, a haircut can be a first step to getting back on their feet, preparation for job interviews and employment, or being ready to face classmates on the first day of school. A haircut restores confidence. An army of volunteer stylists and barbers - and a simple act of compassion - helps people feel less alone.

"Together, we can make a positive impact in people's lives by restoring dignity, creating a sense of community and showing that we care." Benjamin Kyle Brozman, Founder.

Who We Serve

We serve individuals and families living in shelters and transitional housing throughout Brevard County. With the help of donations and volunteers, we hope to expand our impact to other counties throughout Central Florida.

We host regular events at organizations that provide temporary housing and return every few weeks, often serving the same people as they work towards a better life. It's important that these people know they can count on us to be there.

LYKE Association volunteers also participate in collaborative Back to School events to provide haircuts to low income families.

The individuals we meet have diverse backgrounds, each has experienced hardship, loss or isolation. Some have experienced domestic violence, others have struggled with substance abuse.  PTSD is common, and for some, the cause was exposure to violence during war. We are humbled by the stories of overcoming adversity and perseverance shared with us by those we serve.

Public school students who experienced homelessness
Individuals who experienced homelessness in Florida
Homeless Veterans in Florida

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"I feel ready to get a job now, I'm going to start looking this afternoon."

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"Keep caring, it's greatly appreciated."

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