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Repair Hair in the Salon with Brazilian Bond Builder!

If you hair looks dry, is brittle and breaks easily, speak with the damage repair experts at Benjamin Kyle Hair Salon in Cocoa, FL. We can prescribe treatments to rebuild the bonds in your hair that have been broken by heated styling, chemical treatments, bleach and environmental damage. 

B3 Brazilian Bond Builder for Bleach Damaged Hair

B3 is a wonder product that has taken the hair coloring world by storm. B3 is a bond builder, which has revolutionized the way we lighten hair. B3 can be mixed into your hair color formula which effectively eliminates hair breakage and strengthens hair during the coloring process.  

Using B3 during your hair color service means that we can safely lighten hair further than before and your hair color last longer and looks more vibrant. Split ends appear reduced and hair looks more shiny and healthier when Olaplex is used in a hair color service. 

When B3 is used during the color service, you can color more often, no more waiting for 8 weeks between appointments! B3 can be used with all hair colour services including all over colour and balayage. If you desire a vivid or fantasy hair colour, B3 is highly recommended as it gives your Benjamin Kyle colorist the creative freedom to take your hair color to new heights! 

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