Fantasy Color at Benjamin Kyle Salon in Cocoa, FL

Vibrant Hues & Soft Pastel Shades

Step into a world of enchantment, where hair color trends have taken a whimsical and eclectic turn. Embracing a spectrum of colors, from the vibrant hues of a rainbow to the subtle elegance of rose gold, has become the norm. It's all about celebrating individuality. Whether you're yearning for the bold and vivacious trends of mermaid or neon hair, or you prefer to explore the softer, more delicate shades of violet, we're here to empower you to express your unique style.

We are experts when it comes to hair color so if you see a creative hair color that you like,  you are in good hands at Benjamin Kyle Hair Salon in Cocoa, FL

One of a Kind Fantasy Hair Colors

Our exciting range of high quality professional hair pigments will give any color you could imagine, pretty pastel to vibrant fashion colors. The colors can be intermixed to create a completely bespoke look for you. They also fade true to tone over time, which means wash out without losing the shade values.  Your ocean blue won't turn into mint green!

We can do it, whether you want a single color or multi color: mermaid hair, unicorn hair, Rihanna red, violet hair, purplehair, green hair, blue hair, grey hair, silver hair, metallic hair.

Vivid Balayage Hair Color

The color melt (ombre hair) or balayage look is a hair color effect where the ends of your hair are colored lighter than the root area. It’s a bespoke look that we tailor to each client's hairstyle and personal requirements. By offering a seamless blend of color at your root to the shade on the ends, you end up with a more delicate finish. 

There are many versions of the ombré hair that work on different hair tones or hair lengths.  The Root Stretch, for example, works particularly well on short hair as we can weave panels of different color through your hair to give a two-toned effect.  These color technique work brilliantly with fantasy colors such as purples, blues, greens and pinks. 

Vivid Hair Color Care

At Benjamin Kyle Hair Salon in Cocoa, FL, it’s not just about the in-salon experience. Once you step outside the salon with your fresh new look, it’s important to look after your colored hair to maintain your hair color and condition. Our color specialists will be happy to talk you through the hair color care products that we have available to buy in our salon. 

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"My fun purple and pink hair is amazing, I couldn't have imagined it would be nearly as awesome as it is, and my cut is absolutely perfect. I'm obsessed with all of it."

Jenna T

This is the absolute best salon I have ever been to. My hair is perfect! I love the color and the style.

Lynn C

Amazing experience! Ben did an outstanding job on my hair, he is a very skilled stylist. This salon has a very positive and professional environment. Will be back!

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