Balayage Hand Painted Highlights at Benjamin Kyle Salon in Cocoa FL

Balayage hair color, also referred to as hand painted highlights, is a popular hair color technique used to add natural, subtle-looking highlights or lowlights.  The hair color experts at Benjamin Kyle Hair Salon in Cocoa FL are highly trained and can create sensational lived in looks for you.

What is Balayage Hair Color?

Balayage is a highlighting technique which uses a specific type of lightener and an exact application.  Our balayage experts will create a customized, natural-looking hair color that appears sunkissed and effortless with the hair color soft at the roots and lightening gradually toward the ends.

Balayage Complements Everyone!

The balayage method is so popular because it looks great on every hair color.  Because of the exact placement of the highlights, balayage has a way of brightening and contouring the face.  It is low maintenance, meaning fewer visits to the salon for a hair color service.  Plus, balayage is not just for blondes!  It can look sensational with all hair colors including bright fashion shades and pastel colors.

How is Balayage Color Applied?

Although balayage uses a brush as with foil highlights, the application technique is different. In balayage, your Benjamin Kyle specialist paints each section of hair as desired to create the highlights. If you've tried traditional foil highlights before, you'll notice that you get a different, richer result with balayage highlights.

What is Foilayage?

Like balayage, foilayage creates a lived in, natural looking hair color. Foilayage is essentially a balayage which incorporates foils to accelerate the lifting and give more brightness to the highlights. Foilayage is all the beauty of balayage but lighter, brighter and faster. As hair colorists, we actually prefer the extra control we have over placement using the foils so almost all of our balayage services use the foilayage technique.

The Difference Between Balayage & Highlights

Traditional highlights are created by selecting pieces of hair, covering it with lightener from root to tip, and wrapping in foil, resulting in brighter, noticeable pieces of color. Wrapping hair in foil keeps the lightener from drying too quickly, because once dry, the lightener stops working.  Balayage may use sheets of plastic to or foil for the same reason.  Balayage highlights are more about the placement.  Balayage highlights are applied from midway to the tip, whereas foil highlights go from root to tip.

Is Balayage the Same as Ombré Hair Color?

The two are often confused but are similar. Think of it this way- balayage is a technique, ombre hair is a look.  Ombre hair is about that contrast from root to tip, gradually changing from one color to another. Balayage is a technique for a more subtle, highlight look.

What is a Color Melt Hair Color?

A new take on the ombre trend is the color melt. In a color melt, usually three or more colors are used, and they typically come from the same color family to optimize the blending. Although any color palette can be used in a color melt, the most important part of the color melt is that the colors should seamlessly blend into each other with no line whatsoever.

Reverse Balayage

Instead of lightening up your hair with sweeping highlights, a reverse balayage adds darker strands for sweeping dimension. If you're looking for a bright blonde alternative, reverse balayage will re-introduce contrast and depth into blonde or lightened hair.

"Will Balayage Look Good On Me?"

Balayage can work for everyone, especially if you have shoulder length hair or longer. Book a free hair consultation at Benjamin Kyle Hair Salon in Cocoa FL, where our color specialists will be able to discuss the look you desire and assess the color and condition of your hair.

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