Brazilian Blowout Treatments at Benjamin Kyle Salon in Cocoa, FL

Florida's heat and humidity can be very challenging when it comes to keeping your hair looking and feeling healthy and that's why we turn to the Brazilian Blowout professional line of in-salon treatments. There's so much more than the keratin smoothing treatment.

The Original Brazilian Blowout Treatment

brazilian blowout benjamin kyle salon cocoa flThe Brazilian Blowout is the original keratin-based hair smoothing treatment for shiny, silky, healthy-looking hair that is frizz-free...even without a blow-dry. A Brazilian Blowout is perfect for those want a non-permanent solution for frizzy hair or for softening and smoothing their curly or textured hair. 

Keratin smoothing treatments can be used on chemically treated hair, relaxed hair, natural hair and multi-textured hair to tame frizz and reduce styling time. The benefits of a keratin smoothing treatment at Benjamin Kyle Hair Salon include:

  • Relaxes and softens curls
  • Eliminates frizz
  • Reduce styling time and create more manageable hair
  • Healthy shine
  • Safe and effective-all hair types
  • Use on regrowth after a chemical relaxer

The Brazilian Blowout is ideal for all hair types and you can even customize your blowout, if you want smoother curls or perfectly straight hair, we've got you covered.  The treatment takes around 80 minutes and results last for up to 12 weeks.

20% off the take home Shampoo and Conditioner when purchased the day of your service.

Unlike other smoothing treatments, there is no downtime with the Brazilian Blowout, you can wash your hair, exercise and style it as soon as you leave the salon. Many clients who are transitioning from chemically relaxed hair use the Brazilian Blowout to blend their roots to their relaxed hair. 

Brazilian Blowout Express Smoothing

This single step treatment is for time and budget conscious clients, cutting the appointment time in half and delivering smooth, frizz free results for up to 4 weeks. Zero downtime - you can hit the gym, the shower or tie your hair up as soon as you leave the salon.

B3 Brazilian Bond Builder

Bond realignment treatments are one of the newest types of salon treatments being used to strengthen hair and help prevent damage during color services. B3 Brazilian Bond Builder (also known as B3) is a professional tool that, like Olaplex, can be mixed into your hair color formulation to build bonds in your hair, allowing your Benjamin Kyle color expert more creative freedom in your color service. B3 Brazilian Bond Builder helps to reduce damage during the lightening process without adding time to your color service.

B3 Brazilian Bond Builder repairs all three bonds in your hair, reducing damage to the cellular membrane complex, which is like a glue that keeps the layers of the cuticle of the hair stuck together. When the cellular membrane complex loses the “stickiness” it allows the cortex of the hair is exposed, leading to damage, breakage and split ends. If this damaged hair is exposed to hair color without a bond repair like B3, further deterioration will occur.

B3 Brazilian Bond Builder can also be added to your perm formula, reducing damage and leaving you with healthy looking, soft curls.

Brazilian Blowout Split End Mender

A dual action treatment performed in salon to repair split/broken hair, help prevent future damage and, when used as a cutting lotion, reduces blade friction to seal and prolong precision cuts. The Brazilian Blowout Professional Split End Correction system is a dual action treatment performed in our salon to repair split/broken hair and help prevent future damage.

This innovative formula utilizes a bio reparative complex that helps to rebuild and strengthen weakened fibers, helping to prevent tears before they start whilst the Thermo-Marine Bonding System™ fills in and helps bind broken fibers together, instantly mending split ends. Through the use of a Brazilian Super Nutrient Complex future breakage is dramatically reduced as a protective heat activated coating surrounds each strand, defending against damage from heated styling and environmental stressors.

The results are instantaneous and the formula protects hair for up to 4 weeks, keeping your hair looking fresh between salon visits.

Brazilian Blowout REWIND

If you have extremely dry, damaged and chemically treated hair, give your hair an instant shot of hydration with Brazilian Blowout Rewind. Roll back to healthier hair. Help diminish the signs of aging or too much sun exposure. The deep conditioning effect of the Rewind treatment works miracles in our intense Florida climate.Get intensive repair and conditioning benefits with results that lasts up to 12 washes. The surface of your hair is repaired and sealed to lock in moisture and protect against further damage. Hair is left manageable, silky and styling time is reduced.

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