Lighter & Brighter with Blonde Highlights at Benjamin Kyle Salon in Cocoa, FL

Partial highlights and full highlights are one of our most popular serivces. At Benjamin Kyle Hair Salon in Cocoa, FL, our team have the expertise to create multi-dimensional effects using a variety of foil highlighting techniques including traditional highlights and lowlights, foilyage, accent foils, and babylights. Book a complimentary color consultation at our Cocoa, FL, salon here.

Highlights and Lowlights

Highlights are a few shades lighter than your base color and are a great way to give hair a multi tonal effect. Add interest to brunette or black hair colors with warm caramel shades or honey toned highlights. If you prefer cooler hair colors we can add ashy tones with highlights. Lowlights are colors used to darken lighter hair colors and are typically only a few shades darker than your base color, though they make an impact when it comes to creating depth in your color. We can even use lowlights to add interest to naturally grey hair.

Foil Highlights & Accent Foils

Foil is the traditional application for lowlights and highlights but within that realm, there are various techniques we use to distribute the highlights to your hair. You can opt for a full head of highlights, which is ideal for anyone who wears their hair up so that the sunkissed color is even throughout. A full head of highlights can be as natural or as bold as you would like it, adding in as many foils as the hair will allow. You could also choose a half head of highlights to touch up color on top and around the crown.  Accent foils are just a handful of foils placed around the face, either to touch up color or to add extra brightness.


It's the perfect combination of balayage and foils. A foilayage highlight service is a balayage but with extra lifting time, thanks to the foils.  More lift means lighter and brighter pieces. It's the perfect solution for women who like the casual look of balayage but like a brighter blonde result. Read more about balayage here.


Another hybrid of balayage and foils, where sections of hair are teased before lightener is applied, accentuating hair from the mid length down. But don't get hung up on the lingo. Tell us what you like or show us your inspiration and we'll combine techniques if we need to.

Natural Look of Babylights

Babylights are traditional foil highlights which are applied using a delicate hair color technique to mimic the subtle, multi dimensional hair color seen on children’s hair. Babylights are natural looking and a low maintenance color option. Babylights are a great way to introduce color to your hair in a subtle way. They work best on fine hair, and can be applied to any hair color or length of hair. The babylights should be fine around the hairline and parting, with a gentle graduation of color that is lighter at the ends.

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