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Whether you are looking to brighten your blonde locks or make the journey from dark hair color to platinum blonde, the blonde hair experts at Benjamin Kyle Hair Salon in Cocoa, FL are here to help. We have multiple options to create your perfect shade of blonde hair and can use a wide range of techniques to give you sensational, healthy color results. Book in for a blonde hair color consultation with our experts here

We Know Blonde Hair!

Finding the perfect blonde shade for you takes an expert eye. Our blonde hair color experts can assess your skin tone, eye color and even your personality to find the blonde color that works best for you. We can create blondes with multi-dimensional hair colors, using subtle highlights and lowlights to create a blonde hair color that is perfectly tailored to you.

Please bear in mind some blonde hair transformations require several steps. Depending on how much lifting we need to do, it may take more than one appointment to achieve your desired blonde shade. Our advice is to be patient and enjoy the entire journey. The blonde hair results will be worth it!

Platinum Card Blonding

The Platinum Card is what we call the all-over blonding service performed with the help of foils.  In contrast to a highlighting service, during a Platinum Card, we brush lightener onto every strand of hair and wrap each section in foil. This allows us to take a client with darker hair to a platinum blonde. The foils slow the dry time of the lightener, which gives us more lifting time.  The longer the lightener is still wet, the longer it stays active.

How is a Platinum Card service performed?

If you are considering a blonding service, watch Benjamin and the Platinum Card service in action. In this instructional video designed for professional stylists, you'll get behind the scenes insight into what is happening during this popular platinum blonding service. Watch our client go from a dark blonde ombre to head-turning platinum. (Please don't attempt this at home!)

Platinum and Icy Blonde Hair Colors

Platinum blonde hair color is a bold statement, this is not a color for wall-flowers! Depending on your natural hair color, it may take a number of appointments to lift your hair color but rest assured our blonde hair specialists will be able to get you there with a little patience.  It may require a lot of maintenance or it may require you to strengthen your hair to protect against damage during the chemical processing.  Ask us about Olaplex and other hair repair treatments.

Beach Blonde Hair Colors

We can mix the perfect blonde tones to create a look that graduates from darker at the roots to a lighter color at the ends in a naturally sun-kissed way will ensure your hair has that California surfer girl look without hitting the waves!

Honey Blonde Hair Color

Honey blonde hair color is a classic neutral color that suits everyone. With its warm, rich caramel tones, honey blonde is perfect if you don’t want to go too light. If you have dark, brown or fair hair, we can weave some lovely caramel or honey tones through your hair to give it a gentle lift over the summer months. 

Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

There is something very innocent about strawberry blonde hair, and wearing strawberry blonde hair color can make a statement. With its red tinged tones strawberry blonde looks refined and is one of the prettiest of the blonde tones.

Blonde Color Correction, Blonde Hair Restoration

Are you the right shade of blonde? If you find that your blonde hair isn't working for you anymore, talk to your Benjamin Kyle stylist about what to do next. If your blonde hair looks brassy or if you've gone too light and need to tone it down a notch, let's talk about balancing and restoring your blond hair. Find out more about our color correction services here

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